Big Time Now

Just imagine the feeling. The iPhone lights up and right there flashing is the name: ‘Grant Dalton.’ You answer and the matter-of-fact tone states clearly: “Okay let’s do this. We want you. Come and join Team New Zealand. Welcome aboard mate.” At that moment, life is thrown into sharp relief. Despite the multiple world championships,Continue reading “Big Time Now”

Los Angeles or bust

The latest piece of email marketing from the International Olympic Association was a trip into mediocrity, almost irrelevant to the Games themselves, touting sports and individuals unlikely to ever bother the five ring circus, but it revealed starkly the dedicated path that this weird semi-state body is on. Presented to the world were two filmsContinue reading “Los Angeles or bust”


World records in offshore races don’t get beaten that often. Rarely do they get smashed to smithereens. Usually, it’s the advance of science and technology that sees a few minutes, maybe a few hours or perhaps days in the real distance races, but over short course RORC races, records are things cast in stone. It’sContinue reading “Annihilator”

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