Sustainable Mothing

In quieter moments, winter usually, I ponder just how sailing will look in 20, 30 or 50 years’ time. I opine freely but idiotically that the next generation aren’t engaged, don’t seem quite as keen or haven’t done the hard yards. It’s all too easy today. Choices are aplenty. Too many perhaps. Modern life won’t,Continue reading “Sustainable Mothing”

Olympic Relief

As a Brit, I rather like the Winter Olympics. It’s a no stress watch. There are zero expectations around any of the Team GBR athletes who might sneak the odd bronze, silver at best, and my eyes are opened to marvellous disciplines that I otherwise don’t recognise, have no chance of ever doing and haveContinue reading “Olympic Relief”


As the final embers of Omicron extinguished in our household having come knocking once again to haunt like a January ghoul stalking menacingly and striking with abandon, I escaped with the faithful hound and the Boy Wonder off down the coast to Bembridge to watch some thoroughly entertaining dinghy racing at Brading Haven YC. FillingContinue reading “Joy”

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