The global pandemic has hit a lot of industries hard and the sailing world has not escaped the ravages caused by populations being forced to stay indoors and shelter from Covid-19. Our events have been cancelled and sales of yachting equipment, apparel, yachts and dinghies are struggling.

We are so lucky that the America’s Cup has gone ahead and hats off to New Zealand who look like the country who were up early, sealed their borders and weathered the storm better than anyone else. But elsewhere the sailing industry has suffered and there are countless businesses that in the coming months will be emerging slowly from the gloom and in short, we all need to do our bit to support them.

I set this blog up to concentrate on the grand prix yachting scene and the America’s Cup. A truly global audience has grown during this competition and I thank you all for reading.

But now, what I would like to do is to support as many businesses in yachting as I can by offering free banner adverts to anyone in the sailing industry who wants to promote that they are open for business.

If you’re selling dinghies, apparel, magazines, hardware, superyachts, widgets, shackles, rubber ducks or whatever please do just drop me a line (details on the ‘Contact’ page) and I’ll send you the banner requirements. No catches, completely free of charge, forever. If you can make it so that readers get a discount, then brilliant, that’s just great. If not, no worries. Let’s get you out there and support all we can.

Now, readers. No-one clicks on banners. Everyone hates them. Yes I get it. But can I appeal to you to park your sensibilities and suspicions and when you see an advert for say – Seahorse, KOS Pictures, Compact Mega Yachts or Latitude Kinsale – that you take a moment to click and if you’re in the market for the best subscription magazine in world yachting, a fabulous photographic present, perhaps a mega yacht that has a range of 3000 miles (!), or one of the coolest 3D printed charts – that you click and support those that have weathered the pandemic and are coming out fighting.

Be assured, you’re helping the marine industry – you are not lining my pocket. All banners displayed at the bottom of the blog articles and around the site are free and are there to support and promote the industry that we all love so much. Thank you.

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