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A few years ago, when it was published, I missed out on buying Bob Fisher’s bible on the America’s Cup – ‘An Absorbing Interest’ – through sheer lack of available discretionary funds. I could kick myself so hard now about it as the book has become rarer than a Kiwi ballet fan to find. I scour the world and eBay but no luck…If anyone knows where I can get it, or is willing to sell me theirs, do please get in touch.

But that miss aside, as most of you will know, Rule69blog is now completely free for all advertisers to showcase their wares as I’m keen to support the marine industry post pandemic. What’s been great is to get messages from all over of businesses that are ready and waiting for our custom when lockdowns end and we are lucky to have entrepreneurial and resilient types who are navigating the pandemic minefield so well. If you see an advert on the site, please do take the time to click through and see what’s on offer. You may be surprised what these great companies are offering.

One of the things that I want to be able to bring you is exclusive reader offers and I’ve been working with the team at KOS Pictures on such a deal. Now this is one heck of an offer and there are very few left but it’s at the quality end and, as with all things of quality, it comes with a price tag.

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get” – as they say in finance circles.

Exclusively to readers of this site, we bring you 20×20 by Kos – an utterly extraordinary ‘moving piece of art’, that has been a world first. Kos wanted people to enjoy her images everyday, so she produced a giant book, the second largest ever published. It is designed to be displayed open on a special wall mount like a framed picture, but can be changed at will and weighs 10kgs (!) with covers made from black carbon fibre.

His Highness the Aga Khan wrote the Foreword as he is passionate about art and the environment, and it’s a limited edition with only just over a dozen left, each numbered and signed by Kos herself. In total, the book is over a metre wide and has some 200 colour images taken over the past 20 years and the carbon cover is quite simply stunning.

You can buy it here, with free shipping worldwide:×20-a-giant-unique-limited-edition/#

If you’re in the market for an outstanding piece of art, don’t do what I did with the late, great Bob Fisher’s book and miss out. Once these have gone, that’s it, they’ve gone. Stunning, bold, ambitious and monumental. 20×20 is truly amazing…

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  1. Magnus, A question, if you please.   Why are they racing at 4 and 5 in the afternoon ?  In the US, I’ve never heard of round the buoy racing starting  later than noon or 1300. Most common would be 10 or 11.  The only late afternoon starts are for long distance and overnight races.   There must be a logical reason why these guys are hitting the line when most racing sailors would be into their post race beers and margaritas.  Thanks, Hank Evans


  2. Not sure it is TV rights. Racing starts at 11:15 pm New York time. More likely to do with wind – sea breeze dominates this time of year – usually strongest late afternoon.

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