Deal of the Decade

It’s the monthly bible of yachting. The must-read document of our time. If Julius Caesar had been into yachting, and I’d be surprised if he wasn’t, he would have created Seahorse as a spin-off from Acta Diurna (the world’s first newspaper). And no doubt, the Emperor would have scrolled through like the rest of us to the Classifieds and mentally bought that grand-prix trimaran going for a bargain price so as not to endure another long hard slog of a beat in an under-powered IRC cruiser-racer. How much is that Open 60? Blimey. Sell the house and a kidney and I could socially distance on the next Vendee. And if that lottery win comes in, which it surely must, I can buy that ‘turn-key’ maxi and do the Big Boat series – I’d look good at the Costa Smeralda.

Aside from the X-rated stuff towards the back, Seahorse is the go-to summary of everything grand prix in our sport. Contributions come from the great and good of world sailing offering a truly global perspective – the likes of Rod Davis, Blue Robinson, Ivor Wilkins, Dobbs Davis, Patrice Carpentier – this is top-notch journalism from the very best in the business and firmly on the inside. The latest issue which comes out this Thursday is an absolute classic. Worth the cover price alone is the great Ivor Wilkins offering a seven page precis of the America’s Cup followed by a technical analysis by Dave Hollom that is so pitch-perfect to be almost words from another planet. Extraordinary writing.

But it’s the extra bits that keep me coming back time and again for more. Andrew Hurst is the best editor in the grand prix world – his opening commentary is something that I have spat my cornflakes at for the best part of 25 years. He’s right though more often than he’s wrong and that’s a hell of a skill. And the ‘Snapshots’ section is just genius editing that quite frankly if you don’t read, there’s nothing more we can do for you in the sport. In the latest edition, which I have been privy to, there’s also the chance for everyone to vote for Rufus Henry as the Seahorse Sailor of the Month – the brother of Team New Zealand grinder Finn Henry, Rufus is the embodiment of the Kiwi spirit, they call him the ‘everywhere man’ and he should rightly be victorious – make your vote count online when the issue is out.

The RORC Club page, written until now by the brilliant but sadly departing Eddie Warden-Owen, and presumably to be penned by the new CEO announced today, Jeremy Wilton, sets a meaningful context for the Club and its progress ever onwards and upwards. Eddie will be a very hard act to follow (and I personally wish him well) but the new man has a rugby background as a former Bath and Wasps official as well as being at Whitbread Plc for over a decade, so that’s a very good pedigree to lead one of the world’s great yacht clubs. We look forward to his opening salvo in the pages of the club magazine…

Jeremy Wilton – RORC’s new CEO

And then there’s the photos. Sure, in the digital age we are truly spoiled by an embarrassment of riches offered on an almost daily basis by the world’s leading yachting photographers but Seahorse chronicles, orders and makes sense of them so appropriately. Is there another sport that is so visually captivating as sailing? I doubt it. And Seahorse brings the very best of the best to you every month. If you look back over past copies – I’ve got issues going back to the late 1970’s, it’s a remarkable record of world sailing and how technology, materials, thinking, clothing and sailing styles change. We don’t know it’s changing but my goodness, reading the old copies really shows just how far we’ve come.

Seahorse were the first company to advertise on Rule69blog and I’ve been working with them to try and bring the very best deal to readers. I am keen to support the sailing industry in any way that I can and take absolutely no money whatsoever from those that choose to advertise on the website. That means that you, the reader, from time to time can benefit from some truly amazing offers and Seahorse have absolutely knocked this one out of the park…

Try three issues for just £1/$1/€1 wherever you are in the world so long as you sign up for a 1 year subscription. That’s a 93% saving on the cover price for the first three issues. That’s amazing. And you can be absolutely certain that whether you choose a print or digital version, you won’t be disappointed. Click the link below and enjoy…

2 thoughts on “Deal of the Decade

  1. Hej Magnus,
    You hit the nail on the head again and I cannot wait until the Mag is in my postbox.
    It is not only a great read for oneself but also a great birthday present for sailing buddies or crews and small gifts will best maintain the friendship. Cheers!


  2. Thanks Magnus,
    you convinced me.
    Just bought a new house in the countryside; will help no end with sea-dreaming as I gaze out over snow covered Swiss fields.
    Did you know that Seahorses are the only group of vertebrates where it is the male who gets pregnant! Truly advanced and innovative, the modern women’s dream..


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