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And…bang on cue, just as the cusp of irrelevance beckoned, comes the news that’s been whispered in private circles for a few weeks (and alluded to here) that the green light has been given on the new AC40 class for the Women’s and Youth America’s Cup boats.

In a statement just issued by the the Defender and Challenger it’s a little peek into the Protocol scheduled for November and gets the America’s Cup back on the front foot.

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No point in pontificating at this point so I’ll let you read it for yourselves…but make sure you read to the end – the 37th Cup’s going to be a multi-challenger event (most probably in 2024) thus dispelling the speculation of a Deed of Gift Challenge and putting that little fantasy strand to bed. Phew.

This is super cool and it’s great news…


The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron (RNZYS) and Defender Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) along with the Royal Yacht Squadron Ltd (RYSL) and Challenger of Record INEOS Team UK today announce exciting initiatives to be included as part of the Protocol for the 37th America’s Cup due to be published November 17th.

With the AC75 remaining as the centrepiece of the dramatic America’s Cup racing for at least the next two editions, a new class of boat, the one design AC40 foiling monohull, is being introduced as a new multipurpose class which will help expand pathways into the main event.

The AC40 will be a dynamic, powerful, and super-fast scaled down version of the AC75 that will see it reach similar speeds to its big sister at times. The intention is for the new class to be the catalyst to accelerate participation in the America’s Cup from the global talent pool of female and youth foiling sailors via separate AC37 Women’s and Youth America’s Cup regattas as part of the overall 37th America’s Cup event schedule at the Host Venue.

RNZYS Commodore Aaron Young said, “Creating pathways and increasing participation for women, youth and emerging nations is something that has been a priority since winning in 2017. In fact, universally it is seen as something that will only benefit everyone in the sport of sailing and was illustrated in the 20 entries, we received to our mixed crew Youth AC that was initially planned for 2021, prior to COVID19.

To now be announcing the AC40’s as the exciting class that will be used by AC teams for their scale testing and development, Match Race training, Preliminary Regattas and then for the Women’s and Youth events makes complete sense.”

Emirates Team New Zealand CEO Grant Dalton explains the detail behind the class and the regattas, “All of the competing teams must purchase at least one AC40 which will be used in the Preliminary Regattas, and then made available for the respective and independent Women’s and Youth regattas to be held at the venue of the AC37 Match.”

“The yacht clubs of competing AC teams must enter both the Women’s and Youth events, however entries will also be open to other countries and yacht clubs.

We would certainly anticipate an entry from the Host country if in fact they do not have an America’s Cup team”.

Furthermore, once the teams AC40’s are delivered by the end of 2022 and early 2023 our hope is that private owners will purchase their own AC40’s as we start to build an exciting and accessible class for the future.”

INEOS Team UK Team Principal Sir Ben Ainslie said, “The America’s Cup has an important role to play in expanding access and inclusion for all athletes into sailing. The Women’s and Youth America’s Cup regattas are an important move forward and a much-needed platform that enables all nations to improve diversity and inclusion in our sport. 

We look forward to creating a pathway in Britain that will support both programmes on and off the water, giving our athletes opportunities for success in competition, whilst also helping to bridge the gap into professional sailing.”

Over recent months The Defender and Challenger of Record have been working to agree the Protocol for the next America’s Cup which is due to be published on November 17th. The detailed document takes mutual agreement between both parties in creating the rules and parameters of the next event that all teams must accept as a condition of their entry into AC37. Both parties can confirm the next event will be a multi challenger event and not be a one on one event that has been speculated.

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  1. While a women’s division would certainly help more female sailors get foiling experience, I feel like actually having a separate event for women would turn the main America’s Cup from de facto all male into de jure…

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  2. When the doctor in Macbeth listens to Lady Macbeth reliving the murder, in the sleep-walking scene, he murmurs “God, God forgive us all”.

    Yes, it’s time to double down on God cos there is no one else. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The more they talked of their honour, the faster we counted the spoons”. And here we are.

    They dissemble, we ponder.

    So, Magnus, is this the opening gambit for the next AC at the sister city of Bulls, NZ?


  3. There is something confusing in the TNZ PR:- “their scale testing and development”- A new
    One Design to develop the AC75??????


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