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Well shock-a-doodle-doo but this is good news and it sounds like the right decisions are being taken in the America’s Cup. The bidding process is being extended by the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron as the two minute to midnight proposal from Mark Dunphy has been submitted to host the event, quite rightly, in Auckland and the exciting, patriotic and enthusiastic website ‘Kiwi Home Defence’ ( has been launched. Bang on the money in my book. And just in time.

I’m all for this. They say it’s a home team of 5,000,000 supporters, well make that 5,000,001 – good for them, it is absolutely the right decision and let’s hope the money can be found by Mr Dunphy and his team and we can start booking tickets to Auckland, the proper place for the America’s Cup, in 2024.

Extending the decision places Auckland in the box seat now, as it should be, and sailing is breathing a mighty sigh of relief. The next few days and weeks are crucial to the Cup’s survival and it’s a huge boost for the loyal, patriotic Kiwis that put on such a fantastic show for the 36th edition. Good things should happen to good people. The America’s Cup must be awarded to Aotearoa.

Here is the statement just issued from the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron on the day that common sense entered the ring:


Following a very close 37th America’s Cup (AC37) Host Venue selection process consisting of three compelling and professional international proposals, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron (RNZYS) together with Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ), announced today that they are extending the selection period for the shortlisted offshore venues to continue to work through final details and provide further information required for their respective bids.

RNZYS Commodore Aaron Young said: “For the benefit of both the 37th America’s Cup and the eventual host venue, we would rather allow some more time now so we make the right decision as opposed to a rushed decision.”

ETNZ and RNZYS believe it is both prudent and responsible to extend the deadline in which the offshore venues can continue to progress negotiations after Covid lockdown in New Zealand has made it impossible for ETNZ team members to visit the venues. It was originally planned to carry out essential face to face meetings and to provide final team feedback to act on Origin Sports Group’s recommendations.

ETNZ and RNZYS have had to balance the need for further time to ensure they accept a bid that is in the  best interests of the America’s Cup event with the need for Challengers to know the final venue as soon as practicable.

Furthermore, on Wednesday morning, ETNZ and RNZYS received a letter from Mark Dunphy regarding the viability of his funding to maintain the event in Auckland. This extension of the process will also allow Mr Dunphy further time to answer the questions we have already put to him over the past month.

Grant Dalton, CEO of ETNZ, commented:

“The fundamental fact is that we have a number of outstanding potential venues literally going down to the wire and all of them with strong and competitive bids on the table and firmly committed to completing agreements in the coming weeks – that’s a good place to be in for sure. It’s frustrating not to have been able to close our agreement with a Host Venue by the planned date of 17 September as previously proposed but we are now giving ourselves more time to work through the final details of the respective venues as the current COVID situation in New Zealand has made the process more difficult.

 As we have always maintained throughout, however unlikely it seemed, Auckland has never been off the table for obvious reasons. So now that we finally have an 11th hour letter from Mr Dunphy, it would be remiss of us not to explore the viability of an Auckland event and if it in fact can be fully and completely funded locally. To date there has been no evidence of this being the case.

The search for the AC37 Host Venue was started back in May 2020 by Origin Sports Group but was paused for an exclusive three-month period from March 17th, during which the New Zealand Government had the exclusive right to negotiate AC37 being held in New Zealand and continued once this period lapsed.

3 thoughts on “Aotearoa Calling

  1. Doggone it! I so want to see it run on The Isle of Wight with all my future-rich-friends.

    The next venue will be the Isle of Wight, I feel it in my waters. Fear not McMagnus.

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  2. I am in as well. Therefore the count will be 5.000.003 and going through the roof with your call, Magnus.
    What I find interesting is that the official statements, released e.g. by RNZYS, are all naming the team: ETNZ, whilst either some lazy buggers or people with different interest are only calling them TNZ. Some funding must be in place already.
    There had been no mention about the dispute, Mr. Dunphy seemed to have with GD. Hopefully this had been laid to bed as I am a believer in the ETNZ team spirit which would be very difficult to contain if some rich men are sawing on GD´s chair only in their own interest.

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