The Elysee Palace on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the official residence of the president of the French Republic since 1871, was the gaudy, gilt laden setting for a fabulous presentation last night that says everything about France’s connection to sailing and its sailors. Emmanuel Macron was on duty with his glamorous wife Brigitte, for aContinue reading “Panache”


Good news filters back from Auckland. In a thumping statement to the membership of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, the sporting team laid themselves bare before the court of public opinion in one of the all-time classic communiqués of Cup lore. It’s a belter. It’s a powerful statement of intent, ugly in parts, combativeContinue reading “Hope”

Oman Oh Man

There’s not much not to love about racing in Oman at the beginning of December whilst the northern hemisphere freezes. Okay yes, there’s not a lot of breeze, but you know what? I can live with that. The spectacle of the ILCA 6 World Championships is fantastic. The backdrop is awesome. I half expect LawrenceContinue reading “Oman Oh Man”

Blake’s Way

Twenty years on from the tragic loss of Sir Peter Blake, the sailing world remembers a giant amongst men. A visionary in conservation, a master mariner offshore, an America’s Cup winner, Sir Peter was everything, embodying a Kiwi spirit that is inspiring, no-nonsense, practical and determined. That spirit lives on in New Zealand yachting andContinue reading “Blake’s Way”

Rolex Yachtmasters

The atrocious, dated decor of a bygone era jarred against the fabulous content and excellent presentation of the World Sailor of the Year Awards 2021 last night as Tom Slingsby, Hannah Mills and Eilidh MacIntyre were rightfully crowned, anointed by 40,000 voting peers. The Victoriana aside – quite why they didn’t shoot the show inContinue reading “Rolex Yachtmasters”

Alinghi Famille

The question as to whether you ever really leave Alinghi or if the sporting team ever leaves you, is one for the history books and those lucky enough to touch the flame. What’s true is that Ernesto Bertarelli has created a sailing ‘famille’ with Alinghi where passions run deep and loyalty is pretty much absolute.Continue reading “Alinghi Famille”

Swiss Precision

Like the finest timepiece created on the shores of Lake Geneva, Alinghi filed their entry to AC37 like clockwork on the stroke of the starting gun moments after the competition officially opened for business. It’s a huge statement from Ernesto Bertarelli and a massive shot in the arm for the America’s Cup but it leftContinue reading “Swiss Precision”

Kiwi Enthalpy

If like me, chemistry lessons at school were effectively an hour of trying to blow the laboratory up, then enthalpy of vaporisation means little. You and I were busy, easily distracted and must try harder but as they say in documentaries, now for the science part: ‘Enthalpy, is a property of a thermodynamic system, asContinue reading “Kiwi Enthalpy”


A useful morning was spent yesterday down at a freezing dinghy park with the boy wonder applying a couple of impulse purchases from my favourite chandlery website. I mean how am I supposed to resist when they list a Laser traveller (essentially a piece of string) as ‘the ultimate’ Laser traveller. Not just any oldContinue reading “Quinqaginta”

Vortex Escaping

Escaping the gurgler that is the America’s Cup with its relentless pull into a black hole of politics, back-biting, self-interest and money (all fabulous), is a blessed relief. Look up from the quagmire and all around our wonderful, televisual, photogenic sport, there are good things happening. Good people are getting out there, getting wet, gettingContinue reading “Vortex Escaping”


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