Flying and Surviving

The easiest thing would have been to not go. It was a solid 20 knots, cold and a lee shore off the Island with breaking waves on the beach. The club was closed and the only boats on the Solent early on Saturday morning were of the cruising variety, most were motor-sailing. Determination took overContinue reading “Flying and Surviving”

Real Deal

A blessed spot of light Friday relief from the America’s Cup for those readers thoroughly disinterested in self-interest and pining to see relatable boats but of a grand prix variety is provided courtesy of the 5.5 Metre class who are down in Lake Garda – where else – for their much postponed Alpen Cup. TheseContinue reading “Real Deal”

Free Beer

I always chuckle at those occasionally risqué brass signs you see adorning classic old wooden cruising yachts when you go down below. ‘Work like a captain…party like a pirate’ or ‘Daily flogging will continue until crew morale improves.’ I’m certain you have better. And the one that I saw on a member’s yacht parked onContinue reading “Free Beer”

Foil the Wight

We all know that the Olympic Committee and World Sailing made a massive error of judgement in appointing kiteboarding to the vacant sailing slot for Paris 2024. It’s an error of catastrophic proportions made by clueless, out of touch committees that failed to recognise the simple fact that no-one does the racing discipline. It’s aContinue reading “Foil the Wight”

Everest of Sailing

The French playwright, actor, poet and the finest writer of the French language Jean-Baptiste Moliere wrote about success saying: “The greater the obstacle, the more the glory in overcoming it.” And yesterday I was honoured to be a part of the most extraordinary challenge – one that on reflection, I think is the ‘Everest ofContinue reading “Everest of Sailing”

Bright Stars

Questions to ponder: Where on earth do we find the next generation of foiling superstars? Where is the next Tom Slingsby, Paul Goodison or Nathan Outeridge going to come from? What classes are the feeders? Where are the national authorities on this? The direction of travel in sailing is set but what’s being done atContinue reading “Bright Stars”


As sailing factories go, the Governor’s Cup is pretty special. Morgan Larson, John Kostecki, Paul Cayard, Jimmy Spithill, Mark Reynolds, Stan Honey, Taylor Canfield and Dennis Durgan are all alumni, amongst others, of this match racing behemoth. It’s a ‘rite’ of passage. Those superstars all cut their teeth as young pups at the Governor’s forgingContinue reading “Governors”

Classy Choice

“There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t met yet.” William Butler Yeats may well never have penned that line as being a deeply divisive literary character it’s unlikely, although he’s credited with it in Ireland and it’s beautiful prose to hitch to a nation that would be tremendous hosts of the next America’sContinue reading “Classy Choice”

Rima Tekau

“Believe me my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats,” is the wonderful Kenneth Grahame line in the classic novel ‘The Wind in the Willows’ and one that we all recognise. Time lost to boats is as invaluable to the soul as allContinue reading “Rima Tekau”