Free Beer

I always chuckle at those occasionally risqué brass signs you see adorning classic old wooden cruising yachts when you go down below. ‘Work like a captain…party like a pirate’ or ‘Daily flogging will continue until crew morale improves.’ I’m certain you have better. And the one that I saw on a member’s yacht parked onContinue reading “Free Beer”

Lord of the Wings

The 2005 Moth World Championships were a watershed. Rohan Veal turned up at Port Philip Bay in Melbourne with an early Bladerider and fire in his belly, scoring a perfect eight wins from eight races. It was his time and in my view, one of the finest championship wins in any class, ever. This wasContinue reading “Lord of the Wings”

Life after Death

Exquisite Finns are being temporarily mothballed around the globe. Ynglings are a barn find. Europes are rarer than hen’s teeth. Flying Dutchman’s (Dutchmen?) are collector’s items. Stars are, and always will be, magnificent beauties on the eye and are being built again. Dragons are sailed by Oligarchs. 12 Square Meter Sharpies are sailed by theContinue reading “Life after Death”

Primary Concern

How quick my memory erased the elimination of sailing from the Paralympic Games roster. Settling into the fabulous coverage of this year’s events in Tokyo, I scrolled down to see when the sailing schedule started and was suddenly catapulted back to that ridiculous decision in 2018 to axe the discipline whilst a supine World SailingContinue reading “Primary Concern”

Bright Stars

Questions to ponder: Where on earth do we find the next generation of foiling superstars? Where is the next Tom Slingsby, Paul Goodison or Nathan Outeridge going to come from? What classes are the feeders? Where are the national authorities on this? The direction of travel in sailing is set but what’s being done atContinue reading “Bright Stars”

Watching Hanson

Amidst the thoroughly deserved adulation and praise being heaped on the Team GBR medal winners, a story emerges that is going to be fascinating leading up to Paris 2024. Whilst those fabulous Gold medal winners, the classy silver and the thoroughly deserved bronze get the headlines, the CBE’s, the meeting with the Prime Minister, aContinue reading “Watching Hanson”


In one of the cheapest shots I’ve seen in sailing, the Women’s 470 team from France of Camille Lecointre & Aloise Retornaz unbelievably protested a final leeward gate rounding by Britain’s Hannah Mills & Eilidh McIntyre that allowed the Polish crew through and denied the French a silver medal. The allegation of ‘team-racing’ was farcicalContinue reading “Incroyable”

Magic Stars

Gosh that was a bit of a hard watch wasn’t it? Sombre, reflective, utterly bonkers and bizarre in places, it felt like we were watching something that we shouldn’t be and boy did it drag on. Olympic opening ceremonies are the sporting equivalent of the Eurovision Song Contest but it’s a spectacle in very hardContinue reading “Magic Stars”

Wasz’p Occurring

Quite definitely my favourite fleet and my go-to social media stalk, with more smiles per square metre is the Waszp Class. It seems not to matter whether you are straight out of the National Youth Squad or, in most of our cases, creaking a bit at the sides, the boat is accessible to all. PerhapsContinue reading “Wasz’p Occurring”