Very occasionally you might, just might, read something on here that resonates with you. It could be about the Cup. It could be about a puddle-ditch dinghy race or the Moth World Championships or it might be about a fast-driving multihull skulking around the globe. If so, great. The blog is a daily glimpse into the sailing scene that excites me. It has no agenda, no axe to grind and is reportage as I see it.

©Jan Pehrson

Freedom to write is a blessing. Connecting with a wide global community is fun. You may vehemently disagree with my take. Fine. You may violently agree sometimes. Wonderful. That’s the beauty of a blog. In the past year, I wrote over 300,000 words that hopefully entertained, informed, piqued some interests or cast light into areas that you hadn’t looked. If it resonated, I’m delighted.

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