Real Deal

A blessed spot of light Friday relief from the America’s Cup for those readers thoroughly disinterested in self-interest and pining to see relatable boats but of a grand prix variety is provided courtesy of the 5.5 Metre class who are down in Lake Garda – where else – for their much postponed Alpen Cup. TheseContinue reading “Real Deal”

Time to Thrive

Yesterday’s breaking news about the venerable and much admired New York Yacht Club withdrawing from the 37th America’s Cup, since confirmed by the club’s Communications Director Stuart Streuli, was fearlessly broken by Tom Ehman – a proud club member no less since 1981. It was Pulitzer-level journalism, courageous and absolutely right to do. It’s theContinue reading “Time to Thrive”

Free Beer

I always chuckle at those occasionally risqué brass signs you see adorning classic old wooden cruising yachts when you go down below. ‘Work like a captain…party like a pirate’ or ‘Daily flogging will continue until crew morale improves.’ I’m certain you have better. And the one that I saw on a member’s yacht parked onContinue reading “Free Beer”

Pole Position

If you’re a Spanish government official sitting in high office with a post-pandemic headache of stimulating economic activity whilst trying to get re-elected, surely you would look at last weekend’s SailGP regatta and be on the blower to Grant Dalton in an instant? Equally if you’re the head of sponsorship for Rolex, you’re on theContinue reading “Pole Position”

Push Harder

Alongside sporting triumph, the spectacle of defeat or disaster makes the voyeur return. We like our thrills, spills and crashes as much as we enjoy execution of sporting excellence. We watch action sports to hold our collective breath when things go wrong whilst not wishing ill on those involved – it’s compelling and thrilling. SeeingContinue reading “Push Harder”

Owning it

Mercurial talent can be a tricky thing to control. Ben Ainslie does it peerlessly through persistent determination and constantly extracting the maximum from that which is in-built. Nathan Outteridge meanwhile has something derived from heavenly, almost celestial sources. Jimmy works it to the death and operates on the outer edge of perceivable skill whilst PeteContinue reading “Owning it”

Moving On Up

Good things are happening in the sport. The right people are getting involved and every time a significant announcement is made, it secures jobs and prospects for sailors, shore-crew, logistics teams, marketeers, boat builders and suppliers. So the news that Ben Ainslie has exercised his franchise buy-out option with Larry Ellison to secure the BritishContinue reading “Moving On Up”

Locker Room

The most honest place in sports is the locker room. Boxers whip themselves to a frenzy pre-bout and then pray, cry or celebrate having faced uncomfortable truths. Jockeys jockey. Footballers get shouted at by desperate managers. Rugby players collectively fuel testosterone. It’s an inner sanctum beloved of Netflix documentary-makers. The locker room is real andContinue reading “Locker Room”


‘The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting’ is how Sun Zu the Chinese military strategist put it in his writings of the Art of War. He also stated that ‘all warfare is based on deception’ and after yesterday’s massive statement of intent from Ineos Britannia, battle-lines have firmly been drawn.Continue reading “Weaponised”

Hungry like the…

Little snippets trickle out before a crescendo of ambition wrapped in German motorsport professionalism and a sporting set-up, unseen before in British sailing, hits us like a tidal wave to sweep and whoop us hopeful, hungry fans of Ineos Britannia into a euphoric state. None more significant than the news that Torgen Christian Wolff, orContinue reading “Hungry like the…”

My Generation

As a sports fan, last night was just sensational. In the dying moments, Christian Ronaldo sent Old Trafford into orbit with a 95th minute winning goal before running to the corner-flag, be-shirted, muscles oiled with sweat, glinting under the floodlights, to receive the adulation of a disbelieving faithful. Electricity shot through the stadium and theContinue reading “My Generation”

Ride on Time

All of a sudden our timelines are filled with reflective Ineos Britannia posts looking back at the last campaign and celebrating the sheer hard work and dedication that went in to creating the last British America’s Cup challenger. Great pictures. Interesting insight. It’s a curious social media strategy nicknamed the ‘Britannia Diaries’ and as withContinue reading “Ride on Time”

New Sensations

Tough weekend for British sport. Hard to watch at times. In the Ryder Cup, the European team wasn’t so much beaten as steam-rollered by youthful brilliance and technical mastery from an American side with talent to burn. Several of the team from these parts looked like they were forcing the issue, playing one more RyderContinue reading “New Sensations”

Treasured Classic

I spent the most pitch-perfect summer evening at the Classic Boat Museum in Cowes last weekend, celebrating 25 years of its existence and was utterly blown away by the place. It’s a treasure right in the very heart of both East and West Cowes with one of the most astonishing collections of boats and yachtsContinue reading “Treasured Classic”