Entente Cordiale

Calm down Tom. Give ’em a chance. Throw them a bone. A glimmer of hope. He can’t be that good. Can he? It’s a pretty outstanding, devastating display of demonstration sailing going on down at Lake Garda from Tom Slingsby at the Moth Worlds. An overflowing bucketful of race wins and a second (what happened?)Continue reading “Entente Cordiale”


Well what a weekend of sport that was. The Formula One heavyweights revved up a Bahrainian sandstorm and thoroughly entertained whilst Dillian Whyte staked his claim in the pantheon of the modern-day greats over 200lbs, knocking out Alexander Povetkin with sheer, raw, brute power. England beat the Albanians at soccer, Maverick Vinales won the MotoContinue reading “Unlikely”

Wight Lightning

It’s on the table. It really could be happening. Pinch yourself. The America’s Cup could be coming to the UK for a one-off Deed of Gift contest with Grant Dalton confirming that it’s being considered saying; “Certainly the Isle of Wight is an option. We want to come back (to Auckland), but we also haveContinue reading “Wight Lightning”

Flying High

The eternal struggle between money men and creatives will never be solved. It’s as passionate a debate as foiling versus displacement. Money men obsess with ROI – Return on Investment. Creatives see it differently. They see it through an altered lens. An optic of sporting prowess, of politics and intrigue, of swashbucklers and tyrants, ofContinue reading “Flying High”

Down. Not Out.

Virtually lost in the flurry of press releases around the Covid outbreak and subsequent suspension of racing in the Prada Cup Final is a piece of Team New Zealand information that piqued my interest. The Kiwis were swift to make friends with Gabe Newell, the ex-Microsoft executive who went on to found a wildly successfulContinue reading “Down. Not Out.”

Asset Strippers

“Christmas is over and business is business,” so said Wall Street’s famous mythical corporate raider Gordon Gekko. And with some very large, high-rolling whales swimming into Auckland as the summer heat rises over the Hauraki Gulf, the sprats are quite rightly getting scared witless. The tide is going out and we will see who isContinue reading “Asset Strippers”

Gingerbread Biscuits

Hydraulic actuators. Pneumatically actuated locks. Interchangeable rudders. Gingerbread biscuits. The Oxford English Dictionary. And when is a bowline a strop? Goodness me the measurement committee have it all on to try and keep the America’s Cup teams in check and there’s been a slew of new Class Interpretations that make fascinating reading on the officialContinue reading “Gingerbread Biscuits”