It was the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius that said: ‘Learn to be indifferent to what makes no difference,’ and judging by the response to the America’s Cup Protocol, it has landed not with joy, not with enthusiasm, but with the very worst human emotion of all – indifference. The uninitiated would say it’s the rightContinue reading “Indifferent?”

Golden Goose

I guess it’s ‘Chapeau!’ to the organisers of The Ocean Race – a race that I had completely and utterly forgotten about – for announcing a route and a firm intention to get a start going sometime in either December 2022 or January 2023. We all know it as ‘The Whitbread’ whilst those a fewContinue reading “Golden Goose”


The epicentre of European sailing this summer has unquestionably been Lake Garda and if you’ve been there, sailed there, raced a championship there, you already know why. A more perfect amphitheatre for watersports simply doesn’t exist anywhere on the planet. And what’s more the unique climate guarantees a breeze, the Ora, that you can setContinue reading “Filmstars”


Astonishing. Cadiz delivered. Slingsby delivered. Very rarely do you see racing like it but when you do, it’s a treat for the senses. Like watching a heavyweight boxing match when you have skin in the game, watching SailGP when the wind’s blowing and the crews are on the ragged edge (sometimes beyond) is something toContinue reading “PhenomenalGP”

French Kiss

It’s nearly the weekend and a late blast of Indian summer is arguably in place in Cowes – a chance maybe for some Laser sailing before Mr Frost makes an appearance and perhaps a quick tinker (read: spending more money in the chandlery) ahead of the last race next Saturday of the double-handed series. OhContinue reading “French Kiss”

Dante’s Inferno

It’s mind boggling to think that just fifteen years ago Instagram, Snapchat, Bitcoin, Spotify, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Uber, Tesla, YouTube, and AirBnB didn’t exist. We were also yet to see an iPad or experience 4G and the blockchain was simply an idea, an algorithmic fantasy on mathematician’s blackboards. And this was just fifteen years ago. TheContinue reading “Dante’s Inferno”

Darkness Rising

The nights are closing in. Winter is coming. And in the America’s Cup darkness has descended. There are some very dangerous moves happening behind the scenes that will leave many stunned, disappointed and scratching their heads. I’m going to paint the picture and let you, a knowledgeable reader, fill in the blanks. Super litigious peopleContinue reading “Darkness Rising”

Appetite for Destruction

When I tell people that the America’s Cup is the most vicious, ruthless, nasty competition in world sport, the images of fabulous boats, shoreside parties and memories of great racing and swashbuckling personalities over the years cloud their response. It all looks so gentlemanly from the outside, so sporting. The politics pales into insignificance, memoriesContinue reading “Appetite for Destruction”

Classy Choice

“There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t met yet.” William Butler Yeats may well never have penned that line as being a deeply divisive literary character it’s unlikely, although he’s credited with it in Ireland and it’s beautiful prose to hitch to a nation that would be tremendous hosts of the next America’sContinue reading “Classy Choice”

Magic Stars

Gosh that was a bit of a hard watch wasn’t it? Sombre, reflective, utterly bonkers and bizarre in places, it felt like we were watching something that we shouldn’t be and boy did it drag on. Olympic opening ceremonies are the sporting equivalent of the Eurovision Song Contest but it’s a spectacle in very hardContinue reading “Magic Stars”

What a week…

Andy Murray winning at Wimbledon. Mark Cavendish taking his 31st Tour de France victory. Oh and the small matter of England beating Germany in knock-out football. It almost feels like we’ve been transported to another era. Professional sport somehow and magnificently navigated its way deftly through the pandemic and is emerging as the ultimate unifyingContinue reading “What a week…”


The Italians think it’s a farce, the Kiwis know it’s a lifeline. The Americans are saying that Patriot ‘deserves a next chapter’ and Jim Ratcliffe has acknowledged the obvious that they need to build a new boat to be competitive. Spithill hasn’t signed but 90% of the Italian design team is secured…quite what they signedContinue reading “Stuffed”