Hopping Mad

Can you just imagine the emails going around the more considered, revered members of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron right now? They’re no fools. They’re no mugs. They’re thoroughly decent, welcoming, affable, knowledgeable people. Great sailors too. Weapons-grade in the bar. It’s a club you want to go to. A club you have toContinue reading “Hopping Mad”


It was the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius that said: ‘Learn to be indifferent to what makes no difference,’ and judging by the response to the America’s Cup Protocol, it has landed not with joy, not with enthusiasm, but with the very worst human emotion of all – indifference. The uninitiated would say it’s the rightContinue reading “Indifferent?”

Top of the World

Tom Saunders reminded me of why I am such a fan of Kiwi sailors in a fabulous Zoom interview with the New Zealand Herald after winning one of THE titles in world sailing. ‘Laser World Champion’ (Or is it ILCA?) is a hell of a thing to say you have achieved but the affable SaundersContinue reading “Top of the World”

Locker Room

The most honest place in sports is the locker room. Boxers whip themselves to a frenzy pre-bout and then pray, cry or celebrate having faced uncomfortable truths. Jockeys jockey. Footballers get shouted at by desperate managers. Rugby players collectively fuel testosterone. It’s an inner sanctum beloved of Netflix documentary-makers. The locker room is real andContinue reading “Locker Room”


‘The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting’ is how Sun Zu the Chinese military strategist put it in his writings of the Art of War. He also stated that ‘all warfare is based on deception’ and after yesterday’s massive statement of intent from Ineos Britannia, battle-lines have firmly been drawn.Continue reading “Weaponised”

Haunting Spectre

Well, well, well. Whilst we all slept and as the Cup slumbers peacefully, nestled comfortably (and camply) in its Prada shorn hibernation box like an aged fashionista, up pops the New York Yacht Club with a well-crafted, detailed challenge and submits it brazenly to the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron. What’s going on here? SurelyContinue reading “Haunting Spectre”

Ruthless Lions

The name Eric Moussambani Malonga most probably means very little to racing sailors reading this blog but let me tweak your memory. It was the 2000 Summer Olympic Games when the Equatoguinean, who had never seen an Olympic-sized swimming pool before, contested his heat in the 100 metres freestyle unopposed after two fellow athletes wereContinue reading “Ruthless Lions”

Bring the C…shhhh!

What a difference a weekend makes. It quite literally could not have been more dramatic for all the right and wrong reasons. Whilst American Magic takes Patriot into intensive care and we all hope for brighter days for them, the other two Challengers for the Prada Cup are busy analysing a frenetic three days ofContinue reading “Bring the C…shhhh!”

Christmas Wishes

‘Twas the night before Prada Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. But it’s all about to explode in dramatic 50 knot foiling fashion with a forecast showing possible gusts up to 27 knots out in Auckland. Full on, foils-out, mano-o-mano racing. Sandbagging? No. This will beContinue reading “Christmas Wishes”